This workshop was given in 1976 during the 2nd year of the San Francisco training in the evenings.The lesson sequence given in these published audio recordings do not correspond with the lesson sequence shown by the dates in SF Evening Class Notes (1976) (Ehrman, ed; 2005).

Volume 1 Lessons

  1. Lower back ease (tags: flexors, flexor-lesson)
  2. Rolling (tags: flexors, flexor-lesson)
  3. Bending more easily (tags: extensors, extensor-lesson)
  4. Arm and shoulder comfort
  5. New hip joints
  6. Jelly pudding pelvis
  7. Hip and shoulder integration
  8. Better side bending
  9. Improving chest mobility
  10. More flexible feet (tags: feet, prone)

Volume 2 Lessons

  1. Better Breathing
  2. Flexible back
  3. Easy rolling
  4. Pelvic Clock
  5. Easier Turning
  6. More flexible than a child
  7. Freeing the spine
  8. Coordinating legs and arms
  9. Praying
  10. Flexible knees

Volume 3 Lessons

  1. What is Human (talk)
  2. Free Hip Joints
  3. A longer spine
  4. The pelvis frees the neck
  5. A flexible spine in sitting
  6. Advanced bending
  7. Advanced jelly pudding
  8. Rolling to Sit
  9. Advanced rolling to sit
  10. Improving the knees
  11. Advanced turning
  12. Freeing the legs

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