Theme: Lying to Sit to Stand

There have always been references to the mythical 5-winds Kata in which a person can go from lying to standing in a single movement, with no apparent exertion. Some say Dr. Feldenkrais taught it in the San Francisco training. What does it look like? Many of us have searched for videos or descriptions of this or variations, and have yet to find anything definitive. Hence I call it “mythical”. Yet it is conceivable (as opposed to “achieveable”).

I start this topic with the 5-Winds Kata topic in order to say that this series IS NOT.

This series in AY is a connected set of lessons that give us a graduated sequence to learn one way for going from lying (supine) to standing. In the process there are a couple of useful side trips.

Preparation. To really understand the sequence one could start with AY 303, “Self Image & the line of a ball that rolls” through 307, and adding 308 “Skewering the Spine”. The attention on the clavicles (and perhaps c7) in 308 perhaps leads to 309 & 310 (both go into excellent detail on movements that inhibit the intention of coming to standing).

The Main Show. The obvious series begins with AY 310, “Training to Sit Without Leaning on the Floor”. The transcripts note to refer to 311, 312, 315 and 316. However, AY 313 is arguably an important lesson in the series including movements of extending the head back, and differentiating the timing of flex & extending left and right sides. What about AY 314, “Preparation for a Candle”? You need look only at the first movement to see it is all about transitioning from lying.

The sequence, simplified: (Insert auto insertion of tagged lessons)


—Rob Black, May 18, 2018




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