This lesson focuses on the extensors, lying on the stomach and exploring lifting head and legs.

Lesson Outline

Variations on lifting the head:

  • Hands on top of each other, lift head with head turned in one direction
  • Forehead on hands, differentiate head and eyes only
  • Translate head

Variations on lifting the leg:

  • Bend one knee, lift leg
  • Straighten knee, lift leg
  • Bend knee, flex/extend foot

Variations on lifting both hands and legs together:

  • Interlace hands behind head, lift head and knee
  • Lift head and both knees
  • Back of hands on back, hands slide toward head, lift legs

On back, bend knees, cross hands hold below knees, rock body to roll to sitting and back
On stomach, hands on side of shoulders, elbows up, look over each shoulder

Focus of Moshe’s Teaching

What’s rusty – your shoulder or your brain? Understanding the muscles that erect the body, and how the back is used.

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  • Principles: Counter-balance
  • Strategies: differentiation, balancing flexors and extensors, increasing complexity purposely so that the original movement seems “simple” and easy afterwards.
  • Typical results: Easier to lift head, stand taller, easier to sit straighter
  • Advice for teaching: Useful in a swimming workshop
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