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Breathing Lessons on Feldy Notebook:


AY Breathing Lessons Curated by Stephanie Spink, Certified Feldenkrais Trainer and sold by IFF as a set.

  • AY 017:    Breathing
  • AY 021:    Contracting the abdomen while exhaling
  • AY 028:    Legs crossed and expanding chest and abdomen
  • AY 035:    Stomach and chest first
  • AY 172:    Stopping the breath
  • AY 177:    Making the spine flexible and integrating it
  • AY 179:    Breathing (To weld by breathing)
  • AY 180:    Breathing rhythmically (#1)
  • AY 185:    Lying on the feet, part 3 and breathing rhythmically #2 (Breathing in 4 parts)
  • AY 186:    Breathing rhythmically (#3 on left side)
  • AY 187:    Breathing rhythmically (#4 on both sides)
  • AY 188:    Twisting the spine and breathing  rhythmically (#5)
  • AY 189:    Directed (intentional) breathing rhythmically (#6)
  • AY 191:    Pressing to the floor and breathing (breathing  rhythmically #7)
  • AY 201:    Gluing in the lungs, part 1
  • AY 202:    Gluing in the lungs, part 2
  • AY 203:    Gluing in the lungs, part 3
  • AY 204:    Gluing and bending the back (Gluing in the lungs, part 4)
  • AY 206:    On the side, getting the spine flexible Gluing in the lungs, part 1
  • AY 217:    On the side, the sternum becoming flexible
  • AY 218:    On the side, bending and twisting the chest and spine
  • AY 229:    On the back, diagonals and parallels knee-elbow; soften ribs and enable vertebral movement and breathing
  • AY 230:    Self hug the arms rolling the upper and lower girdle, on the back and abdomen
  • AY 266:    Crossing knees and coordinated eye movements
  • AY 274:    Introduction to walking 1
  • AY 275:    Introduction to walking 2
  • AY 285:    Interweaving the back with the help of the hands ( 286 & 287 cont.)
  • AY 289:    Standing on one leg with movements
  • AY 290:    Standing on one leg with a hop
  • AY 291:    Standing on one leg with movements to the sides
  • AY 295:    On the side, straightening the leg by withdrawing the pelvis
    AY 296:    Relaxing the muscles of the throat
  • AY 299:    Distinction of movement underneath the belly button in breathing during oscillations
  • AY 359:    Tanden with bending the knees
  • AY 391:    Tying the upper arms
  • AY 411:    Lifting and pressing on the floor
  • AY 416:    Protruding the abdomen
  • AY 435:    Alternately stomach up/down in the breathing
  • AY 465:    Classical twist on the side with advanced opening
  • AY 466:    Continuation until the eyes
  • AY 467:    End of twist

Alexander Yanai lesson (from Feldyforum post by Peggi Honig on 9/13/2014, and others posts synthesis):

  • AY #5. Equalizing the nostrils.
  • AY #17 Breathing.
  • AY #21. Contracting the abdomen while exhaling.
  • AY #23 Palate, mouth and teeth/
  • AY #28. Legs crossed and expanding chest and abdomen.
  • AY #35. Stomach and chest first.
  • AY #126 The mouth and head cavity.
  • AY #172. Stopping the breath
  • AY #179 Breathing (To weld the breathing).
  • AY #180 Breathing rhythmically (#1).
  • AY #185. Lying on the feet, #3 and breathing rhythmically #2 (Breathing in 4 parts).
  • AY #186 Breathing rhythmically (#3 on Left side).
  • AY #187 Breathing rhythmically (#4 on both sides).
  • AY #188. Twisting the spine and Breathing rhythmically #5.
  • AY #189 Directed breathing (intentional breathing/breathing rhythmically #6).
  • AY #191. Pressing to the floor and breathing (Breathing rhythmically #7).
  • AY #201 Gluing the lungs, pt1.
  • AY #202 Gluing the lungs, pt 2.
  • AY #203 Gluing the lungs, pt 3
  • AY #204 Gluing the lungs, pt 4 (Gluing and bending the back).
  • AY #241. Getting to know your hip joints.
  • AY #280. On hands and shoulders.
  • AY #299 Distinction of the m/m underneath the belly button in the breathing during oscillations.
  • AY #351. Swinging the legs on the side. (In the lesson Moshe requests continual observation of the Tanden – which he calls “the foundation of faith in every faith” – and to an absolute ease in movement so that the breath is not disturbed. There is a point in the lesson where he asks to pay attention to the quality of his voice and to discern when he has moved away from the thought of the tanden and when he has not.)
  • AY #359 Tanden with bending the knees. (This is not technically a breathing lesson, when we attend to the space in our mouth and head, throat, this effects our ability to breath with greater ease because we notice where we are constricted and can let it soften so that pathway for breathe is freer.)
  • AY #435. Alternately stomach up and down in the breathing.
  • ATM Book: Lesson 12.


  • “Ways to Better Breathing” by Carola Speads.
  • The New Science of Breath” by Stephen B. Elliott.
  • “Conscious Breathing: Breathwork for Health, Stress Release, and
  • Personal Mastery” by Gay Hendricks
  • Breathing article by Steve Hamlin
  • Video showing muscles used in breathing:

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