AY185 Lying on the Feet No 3 and breathing rhythmically



  • Combining the theme of breathing rhythmically (equalizing the breath in four parts–AY 180) with lying on the feet under the pelvis (AY 183184).

Lesson Outline

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Related ATMs

  • As in synopsis.
  • The heels under pelvis series of the 190s has you standing the pelvis on the heel which is standing over the balls of the feet—you start with the heels closer than the toes (in these of the 180s the foot from the beginning lies flat under the pelvis, with heels farther than toes).
  • Also see Theme Breathing:
  • See Also Theme Yoga


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    • I found my pelvis had a new way of orienting relative to the spine. It was more in contact with the floor; the low back felt longer. low back discomfort was not evident after the lesson, even in the SI joint. – rblack Jan 3, 2018 Rob Black
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