Your study guide for ATM lessons

Feldy Notebook is the online study guide for Awareness Through Movement® (ATM) lessons taught by Moshe Feldenkrais and others. Feldy Notebook helps Feldenkrais practitioners find and understand ATMs. It provides information about lessons that is not available in the transcripts including a lists of related ATM lessons, videos,aud io recordings, and insights into the lessons.

Quick Links

You can quickly find an ATM lesson by going to its Source (e.g. Amherst, SF, or AY), going to a theme (e.g. breathing or pelvic clock),  or searching in Feldy Notebook.

For fast access to the Alexander Yanai lessons:

Become a Contributor

Once you register to become a user, you can contribute to Feldy Notebook

  • Do you have a favorite ATM that doesn’t appear yet? – Add it.
  • Have you prepared to teach an ATM this weekend? – Share your understanding.
  • Have you done an ATM class recently? – Share your experience.


With every contribution, the notebook becomes more valuable — for you and for the rest of the community. You can either edit the website directly or send your contribution to Laura Yedwab via Contact Us.

The origins of Feldy Notebook

Feldy Notebook began, in 2010, when Laura Yedwab was in her second year of training. She had lots of ATM materials (see photo), but no way to navigate the material.  When she wanted to find an ATM, it was difficult to know where to look. Also, there was no place to go to learn about other practitioners experiences with an ATM. There was no place to go to compare and contrast similar ATMs, e.g. all the pelvic clock ATMs.  Even when resources existed on the web, e.g. free recordings, it was difficult to find them.  She decided she would create a community based website to help.

Laura has been doing Feldenkrais in the Seattle area for 12 years. She enjoys gardening, walking, and vacationing on Friday Harbor.

To learn more about the origins of Feldy Notebook, read Feldy Notebook Seven Years Later: An interview with Founder Laura Yedwab