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251. Ankle movements. (Page 1729)
252. Rolling with holding the bridge of the foot. (Page 1737)
253. Fingers in the armpit. (Page 1741)
254. Circle with the hands and feet and bending the body. (Page 1747)
255. Circle with the hands and feet in the diagonal. (Page 1753)
256. Lines crossing and balancing the body. (Page 1759)
257. Arms in Chanukiah – distinctions. (Page 1767)
258. Bending and going down on one knee (chair). (Page 1773)
259. Going down on one knee, continuation (chair). (Page 1779)
260. Bending and going down on one knee (chair), continued. (Page 1785)
261. Circles with the legs, lying on the back. (Page 1791)
262. Bending and going down on one knee (chair), continued. (Page 1795)
263. Bendings right and left. (Page 1799)
264. Hands behind the legs. (Page 1803)
265. Knees crossed and sliding feet to the sides. (Page 1809)
266. Crossing knees and coordinated eye movements. (Page 1813)
267. Bending on one knee behind a chair. (Page 1819)
268. Hip joints by way of lengthening. (Page 1823)
269. Hip joints by way of lengthening, continuation. (Page 1829)
270. Continuation, holding the knee. (Page 1837)
271. Extending the arms forward 1. (Page 1845)
272. Turning of the back with fists closed, continuation. (Page 1853)
273. Bendings with closed fists 3. (Page 1861)
274. Introduction to walking 1. (Page 1869)
275. Introduction to walking, 2, continuation. (Page 1877)
276. Partial turnings to the fronts 3. (Page 1885)
277. Elbows in crooks. (Page 1893)
278. Elbows on the shoulder blades. (Page 1903)
279. Lifting up on the hands. (Page 1907)
280. On hands and shoulders. (Page 1913)
281. Basis of hopping (1). (Page 1917)
282. Basis of hopping, continuation (2). (Page 1925)
283. Continuation on one leg. (Page 1933)
284. Slow improvement. (Page 1941)
285. Interweaving the back with the help of the hands. (Page 1949)
286. Interweaving the back with the help of the hands, continuation. (Page 1955)
287. General continuation. (Page 1961)
288. Lengthening the back in refined movements, in sitting. (Page 1967)
289. Standing on one leg with movements. (Page 1975)
290. Standing on one leg with a hop. (Page 1985)
291. Standing on one leg with movements to the sides. (Page 1993)
292. Basic movements of the toes. (Page 2001)
293. Distinction of the vertebrae in swinging. (Page 2007)
294. On the stomach, to lean on the palms of the hands and twist the shoulders. (Page 2015)
295. On the side, straightening the leg by withdrawing the pelvis. (Page 2021)
296. Relaxing the muscles of the throat. (Page 2027)
297. On one knee (Continuation). (Page 2035)
298. Improving the hopping for beginners. (Page 2043)
299. Distinction of the movement underneath the bellybutton in the breathing during oscillations. (Page 2051)
300. In standing, turning the heels outside. (Page 2059)
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