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Moshe quotes about walking:

  • In AY 242 (p. 1670, instruction 6), he comments about the weight transfer in walking (about taking the weight on the standing leg, and the leg that has given up the weight being immediately free): that “standing while walking will always be over one leg.”
  • In AY 235: “Pay attention to how much the difficulty is in the shoulders and the shoulder blades rather than in the legs. … The upper body needs to be completely organized for the legs, pelvis, and chest to be able to behave as [they] should. That means the head and the relationship of the head to the shoulders is the most important part of the organization, both in the mechanical sense and in the physiological sense.” (p. 1614)
  • In AY 235, “In fact it is one of the important movements that most people do not make. Anatomically the legs are built so the distance between the two knees while walking always stays the same and [the knees] can move in two parallel lines.” (p. 1615)


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