AY449 Bending in standing


  • Volume 9
  • Reel 29, Track 2, Lesson 3
  • Duration of the recording: 40 minutes


  • A delightful lesson demonstrating the how movements on the floor and in standing inform each other, and improve each other.

Lesson Outline

  • Highly condensed outline of key movements

Focus of the teaching

  • In addition to the movements, what theme or ideas did the teacher focus on

Related ATMs

Theme Coordinating Flexors and Extensors


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  • Associated with, an improving:
    • Coordinating Flex/Extensors- this lesson helps to clarify the function of the diagonal contraction of the extensors in walking.
    • Hip-Pelvis Freedom – The hips become more free, mobile through release of habitual abdominal tonus and through improved extension
    • Standing – reducing overall tonus, improving the angle of the pelvis vis-a-vis the femurs
    • Walking – increasing ease of transferring weight; increasing balance; increasing ease bringing knee forward
    • Yoga – any standing pose; for example Tree pose – balance is markedly improved.
      ~~~ Rob Black, 22 Oct, 2018.
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