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In many lessons, we explore the path from sitting to lying and back, rolling to the side and using the elbow and hand. This is a fundamental developmental theme: children initially use their elbows to break falls when they are sitting, and also use the elbows to come up to sit.

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  • Moshe discusses the placement of the hand and elbow explicitly in Tilting the leg backward in sitting AY498:
    • “Pay attention if the arm is able to remain here or needs to move. Organize it to come up so once again it will be in a place that allows for continuity of movement. The first place that you find is not always the best. Usually not. Like this, you must find a place for the palm of the hand so that, during the entire movement on the back and on the side, it will be done with the minimum of corrections. There is a place like this. If there were not, then our arm would not be the length that it is. It would not have the power or the bending that it has. Our arms were made for this world and evolved in this world. That means to say, at the beginning, the baby begins from the floor. That means his arms are appropriate to this length and place. They allow him to learn healthy movements, strong ones that need to be used by him his entire life.”
  • In the FI demonstration… Moshe demonstrates the use of this developmental theme to address spasticity.

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