AY326 Sitting – Lying



In this demanding lesson, we bring the pelvic clock into a specific functional relationship to being able to move between sitting and lying with upper body and legs free. Sitting with legs long, lifting one leg/side of pelvis and leaning back on opposite elbow; variations of head tilting and remaining on horizon. Then each hand behind the knee on its side, from the outside, and tilting to shift from one elbow to the other, lifting opposite leg/pelvis. Then lift both legs in air, and in this position, protrude abdomen towards each leg, and from there develop into a circle around the sits bone behind (a pelvic clock, but no clock imagery in the lesson). Then with arms extended over legs, not under knees, and legs lifted, protrude stomach. Do the same 12-6 with hands under knees, legs lifted, and the head hanging backwards. Basically, at the end, you have legs lifting and arms lifted and extended parallel to the legs, and you are able to roll around a clock on your pelvis/low back that takes you from sitting, through the side to lying, and then up to sitting again.

Lesson Outline

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Focus of Moshe’s Teaching

Control of the pelvis related functionally to moving between sitting and lying.
Clarification of inner hip joints

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  • Theme Squatting
  • See the Pelvic clock theme for more info.
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