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Description of the theme

In pelvic clock lessons, we work with the image of a clock lying on the floor behind the pelvis, and move the place of maximum contact of the pelvis with the floor around the circle of this clock. Lesson variations may include the image of a similar clock in front of the nose, which draws a circle related to that of the pelvis, or various positions of the legs and torso.

Pelvic Clock lessons on Feldy Notebook:

Moshe’s discussions of this theme:

Where in Moshe’s writings does he discuss this theme, explain his functional, neurological, or psychological thinking behind his development of this theme?
In The Potent Self, Moshe writes about control of the pelvis, while discussing induction and a flexor lesson. He says that in the course of lifting the head (while lying on the back):

In the chapter “The Abdomen, the Pelvis, and the Head,” he says:

In Body and Mature Behaviour, he talks about the control of the pelvis in relation to any movement of the limbs:

From this perspective, refinement of the pelvis and chest as they fix themselves relative to one another is going to profoundly impact the ability to use the limbs with the characteristic lightness and ease we seek, as we move in all planes.– Lynette Reid Feb 5, 2011


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Key variations

Soles together, knees open:

Leaning on hands/elbows behind:

Matching subjective and objective:


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