SFEC Notes – 01. Tilting pelvis sitting



This first lesson of the SF evening class series. You’re sitting/lying with soles of the feet together, taking knees towards the floor, and then move through many variations of folding to rolling to the side and straight through the midline, with arms under the lower legs.

Lesson Outline

  • Sitting, soles of feet together and knees open, leaning on hands behind: tilt one knee and then the other to the floor, then alternate. Note distancing of ribs from elbows.
  • Lying, same leg position: tilt each knee to floor. Note how/where back comes away from floor.
  • Lying, same leg position: interlace hands behind head, and lift head; then lift head and legs (keeping soles of feet together), then same with toes pointing towards ceiling.
  • Leaning on elbows behind, same leg position: tilt each knee to floor, then lift feet (“towards forehead”).
  • Sitting, same leg position: slide each hand palm down on floor into space under knee, forwards until forearm and maybe elbow comes under lower leg. Stay and turn palm up and palm down. Do with each side, and then both at once; then lift each leg with its arm.
  • Lying, same leg position, hands interlaced behind head: lift head and legs. How close do feet come to face now? Try same idea in sitting.
  • Lying, arrange legs and arms into the same position you had them in sitting with arms slid under the legs. Then roll from side to side until you sit up. Then continue until you do a full circle.
  • Return to lying on back, soles of feet together, and tilting each knee towards the floor. Easier? Then roll pelvis to take low back towards floor. Quicken, to rocking movement.
  • Then repeat the lifting in lying and sitting. (Taking nose and space between feet towards one another.) Then in sitting, arms under legs, roll to back and up again (straight back this time, not to the side).
  • Then repeats again lifting in lying and sitting.
  • Then rolling the pelvis in lying, leaning on forearms behind (“like jello”), and in sitting—connecting rolling of pelvis to growing taller.
  • Then check back in with rolling, with bringing feet to face.

Focus of Moshe’s Teaching

Paragraph here.

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  • Working with antagonists to help the agonists; balancing flexors and extensors—addressing the tug of war between the abdominals and the back extensors—to access the ability to grow taller. –  LynetteReid Jan 5, 2011
  • Working with pelvic-clock-like movements (this lesson is only 10:30/2:30 and 12/6) with the soles of the feet together, knees open, interrupts all the usual ways you would control the pelvis from your feet and using hip muscles—so this “constraint” means you really must find how to generate the movement from the spine and core. –  LynetteReid Jan 5, 2011
  • This lesson is like a concatenation of themes that are explored in entire lessons elsewhere—sitting or lying with legs in this position, taking knees towards floor, often forms a large part of a pelvic clock lesson (relating the use of the pelvis and head (see lessons at Theme Pelvic Clock ), lifting head and legs with soles together is another; sliding hands under knees is another kind of lesson; rolling over elbows to back and sitting (elbows inside the knees here, more often outside the knees) is a tumbleweed theme; and rolling through the midline is another. –  LynetteReid Jan 1, 2011

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