Your study guide for ATM lessons

A series not completely summarized in FeldyNotebook is  AY 535, 536,  537, 538, 540 and 541. ~~Rob Black

Collection of AY lessons by Russ Hall from feldyforum discussion:

AY# 18 Chanukia, the candle holder
AY# 68 Rolling the fists
AY# 88 Circling the head in standing
AY# 93 Softening the hip joints to side sitting and bringing the knee to one shoulder
AY# 271 Extending the arms forward 1
AY# 272 Turning of the back with fists closed, continuation
AY# 273 Bending(s) with closed fists 3
AY# 347 Length and fists
AY# 410 Swinging arms

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