Lesson Outline

  1. Hands and knees: lift and lower head. Follow on floor/wall with eyes.
  2. Experiment with how far away from the your knees your hands should be.
  3. Same as 1, and now follow only with the L eye (close the R). Other eye. Both.
  4. Knees and elbows/forearms. Same.
  5. Try elbows/forearms farther away, and same.
  6. On knees, forehead on floor and arms extended on floor over head, with elbows farther apart than hands. Lift R elbow. Faster (bird’s wing). other side.
  7. Knees (spread wide), forehead on floor: hands on hips, thumbs facing back. Protrude stomach, sit backwards, lift head. Elbows go back.
  8. Face up, lift head with interlaced hands, and lift knees: imagine big swing so (imagining) knees and forehead hit.
  9. Position of 6: lift head. Lift head and R arm. Look at hand with L eye. With R eye. With L. Which higher? Both.
  10. Other side.
  11. Position of 6: lift head. Face up, and think through same abrupt movements as in 8.

Focus of Moshe’s Teaching

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On knees and forehead:

Following a bug with the eyes:


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