Your study guide for ATM lessons


The Amherst training had a number of delightful learnings, and trainings that derive from this training also have delightful changes, both in terms of physical (bodily) and emotional (and, occasionally, spiritual).

Those of us who emerged from this tradition have wondered about Dr. Feldenkrais and Yoga. It made sense that he would be curious about the practices and would have studied them — however there has been no direct information about this. Of course, in the Esalen materials, there is the one Yoga pose (“Toad”). To add to this, recently we have learned that Dr. Feldenkrais translated a Yoga booklet and offered a brief introduction.

A few practitioners have studied the Alexander Yanai lessons sequentially and have found a treasure trove of lessons that are direct interpretations of yoga poses.

Here is a beginning list of lessons from this investigation:

AY 166 – Standing Butterfly.

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