Lengthening the back in refined movements, in sitting AY288



  • In sitting, with the legs lying on their outside edges, knees slightly bent, you develop a circle with your head and whole back, while bent forwards, hands resting on the legs, and while bent backwards, leaning on both hands behind. Also, you gradually come to hold your ankles and lift each leg and draw a circle with it. As you go, you note that in folding forwards your hands rest further and further, more easily, down your legs, with greater ease in the backs of your legs.

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  • The lesson has many aspects that can be a nice introduction to yoga-oriented students (or gymnastics, or runners). The reference movement is meaningful, for there is lengthening without stretching. At the end in standing, one feels a new sense of connection between the hip joints, knees and instep. Some yoginis note that one target is having a kind of outward spiral up the leg. — Rob Black
  • Some people have difficulty sitting on the floor in this position. They can raise the pelvis such as with a yoga block, or folded blanket.
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