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While sitting with your spine like a stick, move your spine in a conic shape; make clocks with nose and top of head

Lesson Outline

The key movements in this ATM are:

  1. “Arch the back” but don’t take your head backwards: i.e. arch the low back without engaging the shoulders and neck. Every one of the subsequent instructions begins with the idea of lightly engaging this arch first.
  2. Maintaining your spine like a stick: tilt left and right, forward and back.
  3. Move your spine in a circle. The spine creates a cone shape. Become aware of the path the top of the head take. If there was a pencil on the top of the head, what shape would it draw on the ceiling.
  4. Move your nose in a small circle. Become aware of what path the top of your head takes.
  5. Direct the top of the head to also make a circle, and be aware of the path your nose takes.
  6. Break the circle down into quarters, and clarify for each quarter the relative directions of the respective clocks of the nose and the top of the head, in both directions (clockwise and counterclockwise).
  7. Check in again on making a cone with the spine, and on arching the back. Does “arching the back” mean something different now? Is the idea of the spine staying straight more clear?
  8. Lying face up, explore the same coordinated clock circles with nose/top of head.

Focus of Moshe’s Teaching

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