This lesson in side-bending is primarily used to demonstrate fundamental ideas about habits, self-image, and limitations.

Lesson Outline

  1. Lecture: discussion of habits, self-image, and limitations. “it is enough to do one movement with the head [moving] truly throughout the whole circumference in order to change all the content of holding and standing of the body [fundamentally changing the way of standing and carriage of the head].”
  2. Sitting cross-legged: take R ear towards R shoulder. Other side. Back and forth. As with forehead on pane of glass. Back of head on wall behind. Thinking about chin. (Nose?) Hand on top, so top of head brushes it. Both hands. Keeping hands there, think of back of head. Think of chin. Think of place where head rests on spine. Two parallel planes, in front and behind. Create these two planes with hands, one in front and one behind. Switch hands.
  3. Resume; think of ears. Think of each side of the jaw. Throat. (Some important detail.)
  4. Pass from point to point. Each ear: what does it slide on? What line? The top of the head. Temple. SIdeburns. Forehead and back of head. Eyes. Stand, arms handing long, and continue. Chin? Back of head. Top vertebrae and where head rests. Place R hand on head, the L hand, then both, interlaced, continuing taking each ear to the shoulder. Continue thinking about different places. Lower hands, and continue. Hands move? Whole spine? Move just head.
  5. Standing scan.

(The numbers above are as in AY.)

Focus of Moshe’s Teaching

The focus is on how, when someone “moves their head,” they move what their head is in their own self-image: this may be the nose, the chin, the forehead. You can transform movement (and the fundamentals underlying all action–carriage of the head, state of the spine), by changing the awareness someone has of everything (the whole “circumference”) moving. The lesson works with agile awareness: shifting from one point of reference to another.

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