Themes of Feldenkrais® ATM Lessons

What is a Theme?

A set of lessons share a theme if the lessons have the same initial position, same movement, and similar exploration or if they are part of a sequence. For example, Moshe Feldenkrais taught variations of the pelvic clock lessons at many different times. The lessons have different variations but all share the image of a clock lying on the floor behind the pelvis and they all move the pelvis around the clock. The theme page for pelvic clock contains information, insights, and discussion that is common to all the pelvic clock lessons.


Lesson Combos

  • After long hikes in the mountains or other soreness of the legs or inability to sit on the floor comfortably
    • San Francisco Evening Classes -Volume 1 – more flexible feet
    • AY 433 – Edges of the feet
    • Mia Segal / Gaby Yaron (SF Evening Classes) – Lying Prone then coming to sit
    • ATM Book #10: Twisting in sitting (=dead bird)
    • AY 452 – Toward japanese sitting