• In standing and sitting (using a chair), circles with the head, hip joint, and ankle.

Lesson Outline

  • Standing (How? Sad? Refreshed?), L hand on back of chair and R foot behind with toes touching floor.
    • Make a circle with the crown of the head. Other direction.
    • Make a circle with the (standing) hip joint. Other direction.
    • Make a circle with the ankle (so as to pass weight to the inside & outside borders of the foot, forefoot and heel). Other direction.
    • Return to circle of head.
  • Continuing,
    • Start with circle of head, and then do head and hip together making circles in the same direction.
    • Head and ankle.
    • Stand again: how now?
  • Walk for a break.
  • Stand on other side of chair. (Clarify that it makes sense then to have left foot back on toes and R hand on back of chair.)
    • Same sequence.
    • And then when taking the standing hip joint in a circle, add in turning the head in the other direction.
    • Then continue taking the head in a circle, and add in the hip joint in the other direction.
    • Then continue taking the hip joint in the same direction and take the ankle in the opposite direction.
  • Walk to rest.
  • Sitting, lean R forearm on R thigh/knee and L hand on L thigh/knee. So L ear is turned to ceiling and R ear to floor.
    • Make circles with crown of head.
    • Keeping configuration the same (lean and tilt), touch outside of head with side of R index finger (other fingers in fist–so you aren’t leaning on R forearm any longer) and make a circle with the finger in the opposite direction around the circumference of the head as you make the circle with the crown of the head.
    • Keep the finger stationary and take the head around the finger.
    • Move both around each other.
    • Keep head stationary and take the finger around.
    • Move both around each other.
    • Then imagine that you change direction (of both)…do you actually change or do you continue? Actually change direction.
    • Same with the L index finger.
  • Walk to rest.
  • Same position, but now do this with the L index finger (so you stay resting on R elbow).
    • Take head and finger in opposite directions.
    • Change direction.
    • Keep finger still and move head around the finger.
    • Change direction.
    • Try and compare with R finger, with L finger. This changes how each shoulder follows with the movement, and how you use the spine on each side.
  • Other side:
    • Take head first, and then imagine adding in the R finger.
    • Do it with the R finger, one direction then the other.
    • Do it with the L finger.
  • Walk around.
  • Stand with the chair, L hand on chair and R hand back.
    • Take head in circles.
    • Take head and pelvis together in circles.
    • Lift inside border of foot, outside border of foot, front of foot, heel each five times.
  • Other side.

Focus of Moshe’s Teaching

  • “Freshness” in standing and power; responsibility for self without disturbing others; contrast Maslow and Freud
  • Freedom of the neck, change in eyesight.

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