Lesson Outline

  1. Stand on left knee with the right leg standing. Extend the toes of the foot backward.
    • With the left hand, lean on the left heel and move it right and left.
  2. Sit with the right leg forward and left leg backward. Place the left hand on the heel. Extend the toes backward.
    • With the left hand, move the heel and right and left.
    • Pull each toe to the bottom of the sole of the foot.
    • Pull Then all the toes together.
  3. Repeat step 1.
  4. Lie on your back. Right leg standing. Place the left ankle on the right thigh. Bring the R hand between the big toe and the rest of the toes with the palm downward and the big toe stays above the hand.
    1. Move the knee downward and the heel closer to the face (as if to lift the heel from the thigh).
    2. Extend the right leg and do the same thing.
    3. Lift the knee away from the leg and return – showing the back part of the heel to the face. Feldenkrais notes: “It is not enough to turn the knee. There needs to be a relative movement inside the ankle itself, inside the foot.  You should feel all the bones of the foot moving, one relative to the other.
  5. Repeat step 1.
    • Note: Feldenkrais adds, “the space between the big toe and the second toe stands on the floor as if there was a peg there. The heel turns outward or inward.” Also, that the intention is to move the bones (tibia and fibula) inside the knee
  6. Stand on left knee with the right leg standing. The right hand is on the floor. The left hand is on the heel.
    • Sit once on the right side and once on the left side of the leg. Once with the heel outward and once with the heel inward. Help with the hands.
  7. Stand up
    • Walk around.
    • Go up and down onto the toes of the right foot.
    • Repeat on the left foot..
  8.  Repeat steps 1, 2, 3 and 4 on the other side.
  9. Lie on your back. Bend the right leg behind the body, toward the side, next to the body. Turn the body to the left enough to make this possible.
    • Catch the toes of the right foot with the right hand (right hand is between the foot and the floor). Pull the toes
    • Lean on the heel and straighten the foot and take the heel to the right and return. Feldenkrais notes: Of course, for it to move a bit, [you] also must make a movement in the knee, in the whole thigh; otherwise, it hardly moves.
  10. Repeat step 9 on the other side.
  11. Lie on your back with both feet standing with the heels a bit wider than the toes. From the outside, hold the catch hold of the toes of the right foot. Bend the foot toward the buttock with only th little toe remaining on the floor.
    • While holding the right ankle, lift the pelvis from the floor and bring the right foot under the pelvis.
    • Stay there. Hold the ankle with the right hand. With the left hand, pull the toes toward the sole.
    • Stay there. Extend the left leg. Roll the pelvis a bit right and left.
  12. Repeat step 11 on the other side.
  13. Lie on your back. Catch the two feet with the two hand from between the legs. Lift the pelvis a bit. Bring the right leg under the pelvis once, and take it out. Lift the pelvis again. Bring the left foot under the pelvis, and take it out.

Focus of Moshe’s Teaching

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