AY240 Twisting the pelvis with a long arm

  Source Alexander Yanai Vol 5 Reel 17, Track 2, Lesson 3 Synopsis Lying face up, with one arm extended overhead and one arm down alongside, you experiment with variations of tilting the crossed knees to the side, rolling the whole body to the side with the head resting on the upper arm (then lifting […]

MG77 #04 – Classic coordination of flexor and extensor muscles

  Source Mia Segal-Gaby Yaron Evening Class Notes Taught by Mia Segal; 1978 Lesson #4 Synopsis This “coordinating flexors and extensors” lesson works with variations of lifting the shoulders (with arms long), and the self-hug, and with head variations. Lesson Outline Face up, cross R leg over L; lower knees to the R. Same, but […]

SFEC Notes – 04. Coordinating flexors and extensors

Source SF Evening Class Notes (1976) (Ehrman, ed; 2005) Synopsis This is a classic “coordinating flexors and extensors” lesson (lying face up, one knee crossed over the other; drop knees to side; generally with variations of the arms in a triangle) with some variations in pressing the shoulders and hips back into the ground as […]

ATM Book Lesson #5 – Coordination of the Flexor Muscles and of the Extensors

Source ATM Book Lesson #5 Synopsis Tilting crossed knees to the side and returning legs to standing: This coordinating flexors and extensors lesson includes variations both with tilting the arm triangle and with rolling the shoulder girdle while hugging yourself; you also lift your head with interlaced hands while your crossed knees rest to the […]

AY266 Crossing knees and coordinated eye movements

Source Alexander Yanai Vol 6 #266 Reel 18, Track 4, Lesson 4 Synopsis This “coordinating flexors and extensors” lesson develops very slowly, and focusses on the eyes going along with the movement of the knees in a slow and uniform fashion. You also work with pulling the arm across the chest, and with your hands […]

AY140 Crossing knees and twisting the back and pelvis

Source Alexander Yanai Vol 3 #140 Reel 10, Track 3, Lesson 2 Synopsis This “coordinating flexors and extensors” lesson includes variations of seesaw breathing, tilting the arm triangle with one leg long and one bent, lifting the head, and using the weight of the hands to hold the head while tilting the knees in the […]

AY530 Crossing knees to sit

Source Alexander Yanai Vol 11 Reel 34, Track 3, Lesson 4 Duration of the recording: 36 minutes Synopsis This advanced lesson builds on the previous, through taking crossed knees from side to side with hands tucked behind the back, to sitting up from a position side lying, top knee lying on the floor behind the […]

AY367 Crossing legs and twisting

Source Alexander Yanai Vol 8 Reel 24, Track 3, Lesson 6 Duration of the recording: 40 minutes Synopsis Coordination of flexors and extensors Lesson Outline Highly condensed outline of key movements Focus of Moshe’s Teaching Indicate focus or key principles that are made explicit in the teaching Related ATMs AY028 Legs crossed and expanding chest […]

AY190 Heels under the pelvis 1 (In and out)

Source Alexander Yanai Volume 4 Reel 13, Track 4, Lesson 2 (according to Eva Laser https://www.somatik.se) Reel 13, Track 3, Lesson 2 (This reference is identical with the reference of AY186 in the IFF edition.) Synopsis A very challenging lesson, particularly for the knees (and also vulnerable ankles). Continuing the ideas on pulling the foot […]

AY173 Knees inward to the floor

Source Alexander Yanai Vol 4 Reel 12, Track 4, Lesson 1 Synopsis 1-3 sentences. Lesson Outline Lying face up, feet standing, knees wide: tilt R knee to inside to lie on the floor; other side; alternate. Same position, place R knee on floor between legs. Stand L foot on middle of R lower leg. Bring […]