This “coordinating flexors and extensors” lesson works with variations of lifting the shoulders (with arms long), and the self-hug, and with head variations.

Lesson Outline

  • Face up, cross R leg over L; lower knees to the R.
  • Same, but note and go only to where the opposite shoulder lifts.
  • Feet to standing; place palms together towards ceiling (arm triangle); take arms L.
  • Other side.
  • R hand under L armpit; L hand over R shoulder (self-hug); rock side to side. Head together with, and head left facing ceiling.
  • Other arm arrangement: rock and turn head opposite; then with.
  • Legs R over L, tilt R. First as reference, just to point where L shoulder wants to lift; then stay down and lift L shoulder (leaving elbow on floor). Then look to L shoulder as you lift it.
  • Other side.
  • Legs R over L, tilt to R and stay. Lift R shoulder.
  • Legs L over R, tilt to L; alternate raising L and R shoulders. Then lift both together, but only as high as L shoulder can go.
  • Other side.
  • Legs R over L, take legs side to side. Change legs and continue.
  • Feet standing, elbows farther away than hands. Raise both shoulders at same instant.
  • Cross R over L, arm triangle: take in opposite directions–starting at same instant.
  • Other side.

Focus of Mia’s Teaching

Careful observation of the sequence of the action in contact with floor, to nodding of chin; and the reverse in returning the knees to vertical. When she moves to lifting both shoulders, and then taking legs from side to side, she emphasizes more the action of the stomach muscles and the movement of the ribs in front.

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