This “coordinating flexors and extensors” lesson develops very slowly, and focusses on the eyes going along with the movement of the knees in a slow and uniform fashion. You also work with pulling the arm across the chest, and with your hands underneath your chest.

Lesson Outline

  • Cross R leg over L; tilt R and turn head R. Both eyes follow; close L eye. Rest, then return and close R eye. Open both eyes.
  • Rest knees to the R, and reach across chest with R hand to take hold of L hand/wrist/elbow: pull your L arm to the R, and let head/eyes follow with shoulder.
  • Return to first movement/variations, but now take head/eyes L instead of R as you tilt knees R. Then add pulling of the L arm to the R, while continuing to turn head/eyes L.
  • Stand and walk.
  • Do the same on the other side, and then stand and walk.
  • Face up, lift pelvis and place hands under chest: lower pelvis. With the arms in this position, cross R leg over L and tilt R, turning head R at the same time. Rest, and then do the same thing but turn head L.
  • Other side.
  • Cross R over L, hug yourself, and take your body to the R as you tilt knees to the R–and head to the L. Other side.

Focus of Moshe’s Teaching

  • Soft uniform movements of the eyes translate into softening of the neck and chest.
  • Detailed description of how the position of arms under chest influences organization: chest can’t turn, so the twist must be done in the lumbar and cervical regions; floating ribs on R can’t go down to floor because of hand, and so flexibility of the spine at this height is increased–movement of lower and upper vertebrae differentiated.

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