This is a classic “coordinating flexors and extensors” lesson (lying face up, one knee crossed over the other; drop knees to side; generally with variations of the arms in a triangle) with some variations in pressing the shoulders and hips back into the ground as you lower your crossed knees.

Lesson Outline

  • Lie face up, and cross R leg over L. Arms alongside. Tilt legs R.
  • Face up, feet standing, arms in triangle. Tilt triangle L. Lengthen L leg, and push with R foot while doing this. Vary the direction of the triangle–more towards feet or head. Leave both legs standing and tilt triangle L: observe changes.
  • Lie face up, and cross R leg over L. Tilt legs R: observe changes.
  • Do these variations on the other side.
  • Lie face up, and cross R leg over L. Tilt legs R. Press both shoulders and head into ground as you do this.
  • Keep R leg crossed over L, and make the arm triangle. Take triangle L and R. Then tilt both legs and arm triangle to the R: arms or pelvis first? Lengthen R leg and continue taking triangle R; switch legs and continue; stand both legs and continue.
  • R leg over L. Tilt legs R. Compare. Then tilt L. Then cross L over R and do both.
  • Then both legs standing, form arm triangle and take it L and R, (this instruction is unclear, but it could be) pushing with leg and hip joint backwards in such a way as to interfere. Then let the appropriate knee lengthen away from head.

Focus of Moshe’s Teaching

Equalizing effort; cross-fibers between the ribs; hips and shoulders come to lie in same plane.

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