Flexion and extension of the spine, face up (lifting pelvis and head), on hands and knees, face down (looking underneath self), and kneeling with head rolling and dragging on the floor. Advanced students have the possibility of listening to which vertebrae participate and in the direction they are moved.

Lesson Outline

  1. Knees bent, feet standing. Lift pelvis. Lift head with interlaced hands. With head up, lift pelvis. Hold both up and shift weight.
  2. Stand on hands and knees. Lower head to floor. Leave head, but lift and protrude abdomen. Then include the head in the movement.
  3. Face down, arms extended overhead. Lift head and protrude abdomen. Take head so as to look under the abdomen, draw it in. Touch forehead to floor and draw it along the floor.
  4. Lying face up, feet standing. Protrude abdomen, lift low back and shoulders, drag head on floor.
  5. Kneel, interlace fingers and place hands on floor; place top of head/hairline on floor. Move body to roll head forwards.
  6. Kneeling, elbows forearms and palms on floor. Slide head on floor, lift abdomen, to look between legs.
  7. Repeat 1.

Focus of Moshe’s Teaching

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