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Lesson Outline

  1. Sit. Soles of feet together. Lean on L leg behind. Hold R foot with R arm inside of R knee so your knee is in the crook of the elbow. Lift the R leg.
    1. As you lift your knee, lower your head toward the leg.
    2. Change hands and legs and repeat (a).
    3. Rest.
  2. Sit as in (1), also this time hold the arch of the R foot  with L hand. Lift the leg and make circles with it.
    1. Reverse the direction of the circle.
    2. Reverse the direction again.
    3. Rest.
  3. Repeat (2).
  4. Do the same on the other side.
    1. Reverse the direction of the circle.
    2. Rest.
  5. Sit. Soles of feet together. Right hand from between the legs palm on the floor, fingers to the R. Lift R leg with L hand so that you can put the forearm standing. Slowly, the back of the elbow with lean on the hand.
    1. Try to straighten the leg using the L hand. When you go down, bend the R elbow and try to lean the R leg on it.
    2. Rest.
  6. Do (5) on the other side.
    1. Rest.
  7. Position as in 5 (R hand between the legs, palm on the floor, lift R leg with L hand). Turn R arm and move it backwards. Help by lifting the leg with the left hand.
    1. Try again. Bring the R arm behind the knee better. Help the R leg with the left hand so to move the R hand backwards.
    2. Rest.
  8. Do the same thing on the left side.
    1. Rest
  9. Sit. Reach both hands between the legs; put them behind the knees; extend the palms to the sides. Lift the elbows and extend the arms. Lift the feet off the flow and place the knees on the back of the arms.

    1. Straighten the R leg.
    2. Straighten the L leg.
    3. Alternate.
    4. Straighten both legs
    5. Rest
  10. Stand. Spread legs wide. Put both hands on floor (knees bent). Bring hands behind and stand the elbows. Move head and shoulders to the floor. The fingers are either frontward or sideways, but not backwards. clearly stand one elbow and then the other.
    1. Move pelvis to the R and L.
    2. Lower your head and lift the pelvis.
    3. Move pelvis low to the R and L.
    4. Rest
  11. Same position as the start of 10. Slowly try to lift your left foot.
    1. Rest
  12. Same as 11, but lift your R foot.
    1. Alternate lifting R and L foot.
    2. Rest
  13. Same position as 12. Organize so you can lift both legs and roll onto your back. Don’t fall. Roll. Repeat
    1. Roll to your back and return on your arms.
    2. Rest
  14. Return to standing. Put both hands on the floor and hands behind. Stand Elbows. Lower and lift your pelvis. Move it R and L when it is lowered.
    1. Alternate lifting the legs.
    2. Lift both legs.
    3. Sit backward on the back and without rolling, come back onto the arms.
    4. Try to roll to your back and return.
    5. Stand and walk a bit.

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