The process for becoming able to do an approximation of a special, but often very difficult Yoga pose called “Peacock” or “Swan” (Mayurasana) opens to the student many insights on the possibilities of the constraints that he or she may have felt.

Lesson Outline

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For some it is difficult to attach the elbow to the inside of the hip (from step 7, onward). Here is a possible addition:

  1. Stand on knees. Put Right hand in front, use the Left hand to help the fingers bend a bit backward (so wrist approximates 90 degrees to the forearm).
  2. Bring right elbow towards the right hip, allowing the elbow to bend.  repeat
  3. Explore bringing right elbow toward the bellybutton and back. Can the elbow paint the belly?
  4. Take elbow from the belly button toward the outside of the hip.
  5. Take elbow to belly button now take it to crotch and back. a few times. Next, take elbow upward, in direction of sternum or right breast/nipple, and back.
  6. REST of course.
  7. Repeat on left side.
  8. Again on knees, this time, pull toes under, as in preparing to race. Hands are the same way. Bring the elbow toward his as you sit back and return, repeat.
  9. (allow the head to relax, hang down, also whole chest in all these)
  10. Stand on knees, put right elbow to hip, push elbow to hip. repeat as if tapping the hip.  How firmly can you push the elbow into the hip.  go faster.
  11. As you push the hip, lift the right knee and while pushing right the right foot.
  12. REST. Repeat  with Left side.
  13. Return to script at Step 7.

— Rob Black

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