1-3 sentences.

Lesson Outline

  1. Sit with L leg bent back, R leg bent in front. Lean on R hand behind. Take L foot with L hand and drag forward so L knee comes up, towards armpit. Let leg straighten so knee can pass to outside of arm, and L foot can come towards groin. Other side.
  2. Sit with L leg bent back, R leg close in front. Lean on L hand. Place R hand on L knee, and slide along towards the foot. What stops you from getting there? Other side.
  3. Sit with L leg bent back, R leg close in front. Lean on both hands to the L of the L leg, and lower and raise the head, extending the whole back. Gradually involve the whole back so that the pelvis begins to lift away from the floor as the head comes forwards and up. Then do the same thing with each ear tilted towards the ground. Then test 2 again.
  4. Other side.
  5. Sit with L leg bent back, R leg close in front. Lean on L hand behind. Raise R hand to ceiling, in a fist. Make as large a circle as you can, following with the eyes. Increase the circle so far as you can do that by organizing better the back. Increase speed and simplicity. Change direction. Then test 2 again.
  6. Other side.
  7. Test 1 again. And then try to do 1 but with the hands switched–the opposite hand holding the foot, instead of the same-side hand. Then switch hands to test 1 again.
  8. Other side. Go back and forth between the 2 options a few times.
  9. Try both options on both sides again, looking for the same simplicity and ease.

Focus of Moshe’s Teaching

  • Indicate focus or key principles that are made explicit in the teaching

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Advice for Teaching or Turning into an FI

  • Having taught this (link above), from what I observed, I would emphasize more leaning back on the arm behind while lifting the leg to pass the knee under the arm in 1 (less emphasis on sliding the feet on the floor, and actually stop them from trying to do the whole movement by leaning forward and keeping the foot on the floor while passing the knee under the elbow), and similarly I would emphasize more getting on to the arms (leaning forwards) in 3. I think you really want to be developing action with the weight of the upper body forwards from the hip joint, and backwards from the hip joint.
  • Also in 3, Moshe does progressively hint to bring the forwards leg closer and closer in to the body.
  • If improvising to get students more gradually to 3, I would stick to raising and lowering the head leaning on the hands forwards (not to the side) – LynetteReid Jan 28, 2012

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