Lying face up and holding the feet, you lift the foot/straighten the leg (and lift the head) to pass the knees from inside to outside the elbows.

Lesson Outline

  1. Face up, feet standing. Take hold of the R foot with the R hand (holding the arch from the outside). Lift the leg and the hand, and lower/bend again. Put L hand behind head, and lift and lower head at the same time you lift and lower foot/hand. [I find it unclear at the beginning where the knee/elbow go, but by the end it is clear that the idea is to develop the movement so that the knee comes once inside and once outside the arm as the leg is bent, passing as the leg is straight.] Continue this alternating, but with the L leg long.
  2. On other side: clarify from beginning that the thumb is together with the fingers, R hand behind head from the beginning, and start with knee on inside. Then knee on outside. Then alternate. Then extend R leg on floor and continue.
  3. Sit with feet standing. Hold arch of L foot with R hand. Lean on L hand behind. Lift foot and put it down again. Then switch hands, taking L foot from outside with L hand. Lift foot and pass knee. Move everything else as much as you like, but keep R foot standing.
  4. Other side.
  5. Sit with feet standing. Hold arch of L foot with R hand. Lean on L hand behind. Lift foot and try to pass elbow to the L of the L knee when you fold the leg again. [Rest and explain interference of straightening the leg with force.]
  6. Other side.
  7. Face up, feet standing. Take hold of the L foot with the R hand. L hand behind head. Try to pass the knee. You can use the L hand pushing the knee to help, but don’t dislocate it.
  8. Same thing (everyone has to get it). Then switch hands and feet and try the other side.
  9. Sitting, feet standing. Take each foot with the hand (same side), and lift hands and feet a little forward to pass the knees outside, then inside. You can help yourself leaning on the floor in any way you need.
  10. Then starting from same place, two elbows to the R of the knees, and continue, passing them from side to side.
  11. Continue to take both knees to the floor on each side.
  12. Try the same idea lying face up.
    1. And lying on each side (on R side, and pass both knees under R elbow; L side and pass both under L elbow).
    2. Then face up again.
    3. Then sitting, with each leg alone as at the beginning.
    4. Then face up and both together: knees inside elbows then elbows inside knees.
    5. Then two legs together, knees tied together, straighten without separating.
    6. Same thing in sitting, sliding heels forward on floor and bending forwards. Then face up again.
    7. Then two legs tied together lying face up again.
  13. Stand and feel how it is. Join the legs and go down to sit on the floor–not lifting the heels. Then with legs spread, not lifting the heels. Then legs together; catch elbows behind the knees and go down.

Focus of Moshe’s Teaching

The effort of straightening the leg with force, which most don’t perceive, is what stands in the way of doing 5. Only ceasing to effort makes this possible.

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