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Lesson Outline

  1. Lie supine with feet standing and apart. Close your hands into fists. Lift your pelvis and place your fists under your pelvis. Then lift both legs into the air and swing them lightly toward your shoulders with knees bent. Small movements. Don’t lift your pelvis.
  2. Return to same position as #1. Swing only your R leg in the direction of your R shoulder.
    • Do the same with only the L leg.
  3. Same as #1, but this time lift your head with each swing of your legs.
  4. Sit with the soles of your feet together. Interlace your fingers behind your head. Elbows hang down in front close to each other. Bend your spine and hang your head. Then get tall (erect yourself).
  5. Lie supine, L foot standing, R leg in the air. Reach R hand between legs and hold R arch. Bend and straighten R leg. Light movements. “As if your heal was pushing toward the ceiling.”
    • Place your L hand behind your head and lift your head at the same time your R leg straightens.
  6. Repeat #5 on the other side.
  7. Position: Sit, R foot standing, L leg long, lean on R hand behind, lower head, face to the R, and L hand behind head with fingers on R ear.
    • Move L ear toward R knee keeping nose to the R.
  8. Same position as 7.
    • Move L elbow toward outside of R knee
    • “Don’t move your ear, but your L elbow. Your L elbow points to the outside of your R knee. That means you must find a way to turn your face even more than before…. Let the air come out of your lungs, round your back, and lower your head until your L elbow can sink to the ground on the other side of your R knee. Round your back and make an effort in your abdomen. Let the air out of your lungs and let your elbow sink down.”
  9. Repeat 8, but this time “more simply”
  10. Legs same as 8, but switch hands and turn head L, i.e. sit with R foot standing, L leg long, lean on L hand behind, lower head, face to the L, and R hand behind head with fingers on L ear.
    • Sink R elbow to L knee.
    • Notice if there are differences between R side and L side.
  11. Similar to 8 but switch legs, i.e. sit with L leg standing, R leg long, lean on R hand behind, lower head, turn face to the R, L hand behind head with finger on R ear, L elbow hangs down.
    • Lower L elbow to R knee. Sink and erect yourself.
  12. Similar to 11 but switch hands and head to the L, i.e. sit with L leg standing, R leg long, lean on L hand behind, lower head, turn face to the L, R hand behind head with finger on L ear, R elbow hangs down.
    • Move R ear toward your L knee
    • Rest supine
  13. Lie supine. Repeat 5. Is it easier now?
    • Repeat #6.
    • Rest supine
  14. Both legs in the air. Hold arch of both feet (hands between your legs). As you push both heels toward the ceiling, lift your head.
  15. Repeat #1. Is it easier now?
  16. Swing your legs backward and support your pelvis with both hands when it is in the air.
    • 16a: Supine. Pelvis lifted in the air supported by your hands. Move legs up and then gently lower legs to be closer to the floor. Repeat movement.
  17. Swing legs up and support your pelvis with your hands. Tie legs together. Legs straight. Lower both legs toward the floor and above your head. Repeat. Notice differences from the start of the lesson.
  18. Stand. Is it different than at the start?

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