Lesson Outline

  1. Lie face up; extend both arms overhead. Make a fist with the R hand and catch the R wrist with the L hand. Stand the R foot. Pull the R arm to lengthen it. Lengthen and turn towards the R side.
    • Other side.
  2. Both feet standing, and catch the head between the hands, thumbs below the ears (ear between thumb and fingers). Turn head and lengthen head away from pelvis. May lift the head slightly from the floor to do this.
  3. Stand on knees, spread. Catch the head as before and lengthen away from pelvis.
    • With the R foot standing, lift R arm overhead, hand in fist, and catch wrist with L hand to lengthen. Look at hands with eyes.
    • Change legs but pull the same R arm.
  4. Other side. (With L foot standing, lift L arm overhead…etc.)
  5. Stand on R knee and L foot. Catch the head and lengthen so the whole body can follow and you can come up.
    • Change the legs and continue.
  6. Side-sitting, feet to the L. L hand in fist overhead; catch wrist with R hand and lengthen.
    • Change the arms.
    • Take hold of the head and pull. .
  7. Other side.
  8. Repeat 1.
    • First part of 3 (kneeling, catch head; turn and lengthen away from pelvis).
    • Continue with this and bring the R foot to standing and return to both knees, without interrupting lengthening of head.
    • Same with the L foot.

Focus of Moshe’s Teaching

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