AY204 Gluing in the lungs, #4 (Gluing and bending the back)

Source Alexander Yanai Vol  5 Reel 14, Track 1, Lesson 5 (According to the german edition this source from the IFF edition is not identical with the hebrew CD edition, and identical to AY203 Gluing in the lungs, #3.) Synopsis Write a couple of sentences. Lesson Outline Highly condensed outline of key movements Focus of […]

AY089 Lengthening the arms

Source Alexander Yanai Volume 2 #89 Reel 7, Track 2, Lesson 3 Synopsis Lying, sitting, and half- or full-kneeling, you form one hand into a fist, arm overhead, and use the other hand to pull from the wrist to lengthen the arm. Also lengthening the spine by holding and gently pulling/turning the head. Lesson Outline […]

AY090 Lengthening the arms; sitting cross-legged

Source Alexander Yanai Vol 2 #90 Reel 7, Track 2, Lesson 4 Synopsis Continuing from ay#89, lengthening the arm with the legs crossed (but mostly lying on the back rather than sitting) Lesson Outline Lying face up, open the R leg to the side and place the R foot by the L knee; then place […]