AY178 Lengthening the arms

Source Alexander Yanai Vol 4 (151-200) Reel 13, Track 1, Lesson 2 Synopsis Write a couple of sentences. Lesson Outline Highly condensed outline of key movements Focus of the teaching In addition to the movements, what theme or ideas did the teacher focus on Related ATMs Tag Jelly-pudding-pelvis Tag Pulling-hair Tag Diagonals Tag Lengthening-arms Lengthening […]

AY089 Lengthening the arms

Source Alexander Yanai Volume 2 #89 Reel 7, Track 2, Lesson 3 Synopsis Lying, sitting, and half- or full-kneeling, you form one hand into a fist, arm overhead, and use the other hand to pull from the wrist to lengthen the arm. Also lengthening the spine by holding and gently pulling/turning the head. Lesson Outline […]

AY090 Lengthening the arms; sitting cross-legged

Source Alexander Yanai Vol 2 #90 Reel 7, Track 2, Lesson 4 Synopsis Continuing from ay#89, lengthening the arm with the legs crossed (but mostly lying on the back rather than sitting) Lesson Outline Lying face up, open the R leg to the side and place the R foot by the L knee; then place […]

AY170 Lifting the head diagonally

Source Alexander Yanai Volume 4 Reel 12, Track 3, Lesson 2 Synopsis The lesson has two apparent parts. The first part uses the process of raising one hip and bringing the opposite ear towards it (hence rounding in certain parts of the back, and folding in the chest). The second part uses a process of […]

AY172 Stopping the Breath

Source Alexander Yanai Volume 4, Part A Reel 12, Track 3, Lesson 5 Synopsis using a concept of part of the cycle of the breath, and adding profoundly gentle movements in a variety of positions, the student increases his/her sensitivity and awareness to discover habits in stopping the breath (and, of course, paradoxically, releasing exactly […]