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Lesson Outline

  1. Sit cross-legged. Bend head R; place R hand on L temple. Bend R and return. Let L shoulder lift. Change hands and notice what this does to head, how you site. Switch leg-crossing, and do this to other side. Elbow goes L, not forward.
  2. Same start: stay bent R, as low as comfortable. Slide L hand along from back of neck to R elbow. Slowly; not all at once.
  3. Other side.
  4. Sit, legs straight and spread. Lower head, and turn face L. R hand on L ear. Go towards floor (with R elbow, not body) and stay. Place back of L hand in small of back, and take L elbow backwards. Wrist bends. Forwards & backwards. L elbow moves relative to body.
  5. Same situation: move back to take L elbow backwards and R elbow forwards. (L elbow and body move together.) Stay down low & just take L elbow backwards.
  6. Other side: everything together, then rest, then just R elbow backwards.
  7. Sit with legs spread, backs of both hands on low back. Take both elbows backwards, as if to touch. (No rest): Lie on R side with R hand on low back/elbow like this, bent back, and place back of L hand on low back, and take L elbow backwards. Take the head back and this helps elbows come closer. Other side. Then sit and take both elbows backwards. Erect the back.
  8. Sit cross-legged. Lower head; turn face R, L hand on R ear, R hand on back of neck. Lift R elbow towards ceiling. Then turn with the whole back, so R elbow lifts and L elbow goes towards R knee.
  9. Change crossing of legs/other side. But start with whole back, and then stay low and just do L elbow up.
  10. Sit, legs spread, and bend head R, R hand on head. Tehn continue, place L hand on floor to R of knee/thigh, and go down to the R until elbow touches floor. Take elbow to L hand, and then backwards.
  11. Other side.
  12. Sit, legs crossed. Repeat second (sliding hand along arm to elbow). Then sit with legs long, lower head, and interlace hands behind neck. Open elbows, and turn shoulders so R elbow goes up and L elbow towards R knee. Change interlacing of the hands and go the other direction.
  13. Stand and walk.

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