• Contracting the abdomen while exhaling, in various orientations towards gravity (on all fours, prone, supine, supine with pelvis lifted, prone with sidelying etc)


Lesson Outline

  • Highly condensed outline of key movements

Insights and Focus of Teaching

  • Instead of seeing this lesson as a breathing lesson, we can view it as a way to study and investigate into how breathing is done (a quote I found in a recording of New Dwelle 2006 / Munich City training)
  • Dr. Prof. Stuart McGill identified the Rectus Abdominis as the important muscle for spine stabilisation (on the front side). He says that there is no scientific evidence to be found whatsoever that the Transverse Abdominis is a stabilizer to the spine (lower back). Even though some fitness professionals claim it to be so – there seems to be no study supporting this claim.
  • Differentiation between Obliques, Transverse Abdominis, and Rectus Abdominis
    external image Illu_trunk_muscles.jpg
  • To realize which of the abs muscles are needed for breathing, and which for lifting the head

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On knees and head:

Lengthening the neck:



More Insights (ideas, principles, strategies, experiences, …

  • Youtube comments from Marincxr: He is inhaling with a closed glottis wich causes the diaphragm to contract and suck in the abdominal cavity. The transversus abdominus are mucles used for expiration during exercise. The diaphragm is the main muscle (There are other mucles that conribute like intercostals , scalenes and sternocleidomastoid) used in the process of inspiration or breathing in and if done with a closed glottis causes this effect.The tranverse abdominus is used in forced expiration not inspiration. The transversus abdominus is used exclusively in forced expiration so how is he training it while doing a vacuum.
  • I took a stop watch to my breathing:
  • Dr. Ludwig Schmitt, the great german doctor and author of the book “Atemheilkunst” identified 18 groups of muscles that have to play together in breathing (the pelvic floor being just one of them).

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