• Alexander Yanai Vol 1
  • Reel 3, Track 1, Lesson 3 (according to Eva Laser
  • Reel 3, Track 1, Lesson 3, Side B (IFF)
  • Duration 36 min.
  • For German see AYnmal täglich: Minimales Heben


  • On the back, then on the front, lift leg, lift arm, then both together on exhalation, as little as possible. The less you do the more you’ll benefit in this lesson.

Lesson Outline

Highly condensed outline of key movements

  • Supine, lift the right leg.
    • Pay attention to minimalism of the movement. Also to breathing.
  • Lie the arm above the head and lift it
  • Prone with both arms above the head and lift the right leg
  • Lift the right elbow from the floor, also lift the entire arm
  • Supine with the arms above the head. Lift the right arm and leg simulataneously
  • Prone with the arms above the head. Lift the right arm and leg simulataneously
    • Experiment arm lifting with first one ear then the other lying on the floor
  • Lying on the side with both arms above the head
    • Lift upper arm and leg
  • Supine, one arm above the head, stand the non-lifting leg, lift the arm and leg
  • Lift the non-lifting leg once, the lifting leg once. Compare
  • Lift the non-lifting arm once, the lifting arm once. Compare
  •  Stand, feel how the arms can now lift to the ceiling

Focus of Moshe’s Teaching

  • Indicate focus or key principles that are made explicit in the teaching

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Share Your Insights (ideas, principles, strategies, experiences, …)

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  • Differing viewpoints are welcome and desired!
  • Similar to ATM Audio lessons 1 & 2. However, those lessons bring attention to pressure and support points on the floor, and trunk arching more than this lesson.
  • When supine with arm above the head the elbow may be off the floor or the student may be in discomfort: one could rest the elbow on a cushion; or  instruct students to position the arm as low down as is necessary for the elbow to be on the floor (Ben P.)

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