This is a clock of the back against the floor (not a pelvic clock), with head and pelvis lifted, like AY 83; but here, the center of the clock is lower, on the beltline, and 12 is at the juncture between the floating ribs and the ribs that attach to the sternum. So 3-9 is the line across the soft tissues of the back, between the chest and the pelvis. After the circle is developed with both legs standing, then you lift the head with one hand, lift the leg on that side, and hook the opposite arm under the knee (so lifting the head with the right hand, lifting the right leg, and hooking the left elbow under the right knee), and do the clock in this configuration. Switch arms with the same leg lifted, and then switch legs and do this on the other side.

Lesson Outline

Focus of Moshe’s Teaching

Discussion of a twist in the spine to the right that everyone has, because of writing right-handed, and the weight of the liver in men (less so in women).

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