This “preparation” for a pelvic clock works in lying and sitting, leaning on hands and elbows, and with variations of knees bent and feet standing, soles of the feet together with knees open to the sides, and legs long, as well as asymmetrical positions (one knee crossed over the other, one foot standing and one long).

Lesson Outline

  • Feet standing, on back, lift tailbone. This is direction 12 oclock.
  • Begin to include the opposite movement. Tailbone moves closer to the ground. This is 6 o’clock.
  • Imagine pelvis resting on a clock: 3 o’clock would be Left hip joint; 9 o’clock would be Right hip joint. Tilt between 3 and 9. Which more familiar?
  • Explore each quadrant of the clock, top R (12-3), top L (12-9), bottom R (6-3), bottom L (6-9)
  • Explore entire clock clockwise; change direction.
  • Sit with soles of feet together, hands giving support behind. Investigate 12-6, 12-3, 12-9, whole perimeter in both directions.
  • On back, soles of feet together, knees open, tilt 12-3-6, 12-9-6 (half of clock), then whole clock.
  • On back, supported on palms and forearms, soles of feet together, investigate clock.
  • On back, legs long. Tilt 12-6, whole clock.
  • Sit again with soles of feet together. Explore whole clock. Rest R foot on L ankle, circle pelvis. Rest L foot on R ankle, circle pelvis.
  • On back, R foot stands, circle pelvis. Stand L foot, R leg long, circle pelvis.
  • Both feet standing. Tilt 12-6, 3-9. How different? Circle one way, circle the other. Quickly and lightly. Slower.

Focus of Moshe’s Teaching

  • Ability of the pelvis to move freely in all directions; its relation to bringing awareness to connection between pelvis and head
  • Discovering the unfamiliar places inside the hip joint
  • Indicate focus or key principles that are made explicit in the teaching

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