AY498 Tilting the leg backward in sitting


Sitting with legs long, you lean back on one hand and lift the opposite leg (long), holding the knee from the outside and the inside. You take the leg from side to side, with the emphasis on (e.g.) taking the R heel to the R, backwards, while turning the head and shoulders L, so that you lie on the outside of the L hip and leg, bend your L elbow, and lift your R heel/leg back while extending the back, eventually adding that you bend the L leg heel towards groin. Eventually this becomes a movement from lying to sitting, rolling over the elbow, while holding the back of the knee.

Lesson Outline

  • Highly condensed (<350 words) outline of key movements

Focus of Moshe’s Teaching

  • Doing something with pleasure, vs. with pain. This is the hardest thing we teach: people find it unpleasant at first, because it is pleasant (and they expect improvement to be unpleasant and hard work).
  • The nature of “organism,” working together in a community; if one part causes trouble, we throw it in jail–for the organism of yourself, you teach it to forget all the artificial ideas that ruined its possibility for cooperating.
  • The organic relation of the length of the arm and its use in rolling to and from sitting.
  • Results described in lesson: opening the hip joint in a way most are not accustomed to do.

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