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Lesson Outline

(S.T.O.S => Same thing other side).

  1. Legs long and spread, interlace fingers and place hands behind head. Lift head and shift it a little bit to the right, then bring it back to the middle and place on the floor and then lift and shift it to the left and return.
  2. Interlace fingers non-habitual way, place behind your head.  Continue to do the same thing but as you go to the side, drag the elbow on that side closer to your body, keeping your elbow close to the floor; go side to side
  3. Legs long and spread, L arm 45 degrees to your body, turn head to L and place R hand behind head. Lift your head and turn your body as if you wanted to come up onto your left elbow. As you do this allow L knee to bend sideways, move your head close to the floor and come up onto L elbow.
  4. S.T.O.S
  5. Legs long and spread. L arm to side 45 degrees, R arm toward ceiling. Lift your head and turn shoulders L to come onto L elbow. Keep head close to floor, exhale, use weight of R arm to help back fold, return with a roll, not fall
  6. S.T.O.S
  7. Legs long and spread. Both arms to ceiling, above chest, elbows and hands are soft. Do the same movement once to R and once to L; allow knee on side you are going to to bend.
  8. Legs long and spread. R arm on floor, Turn your body to R to come onto R elbow and then lift your body and straighten R arm to lean on R hand. R knee bends and L knee bends so R foot contacts L knee (side sit)
  9. S.T.O.S
  10. Bend knees and bring into the air, keep them spread. Both arms to ceiling. Turn body and arms L, bring L knee to floor first then R knee, some onto L elbow and then L hand
  11. S.T.O.S, go to the R, then go side to side
  12. Bend knees, bring into the air, arms in air, roll to sit to the L, and continue lifting your pelvis until you lean on your knees. Then return to your back. Make a very rounded movement and lift your head and move it in an arc close to the floor
  13. S.T.O.S
  14. Do this side to side, do not bring head down to the floor when your return to back.
  15. Do side to side without letting shoulders and head touch the ground in between; there is no need to lift your arms  while doing the (lifting them would mean you need to lie on your chest)
  16. Roll and stand up

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