This ATM is a continuation of Sitting up with hands under kneecap (part 1).

Lesson Outline

The key movement are:

  • Hip Clock: Lie on your left side, bend you knees just enough that your right hand can hold the right left just below the knee cap while keeping the right arm relatively straight. Lift the right leg into the air as high as is comfortable: Like the dial on an old elevator, move the knee left and right. Bring knee to the height, move knee from 12 to 1 o’clock and back. As one moves to 12, see if you can get knee to go higher. Go to each hour and back, slowly moving further around the clock bringing the knee to the right closer to the floor, e.g. from 12 to 1 to 12 to 1 to 2 to 1 to 12 to 1 to 2 to 3 o’clock. Repeat on left side.
  • Lying-to-sitting: Lie on your back and hold on to both knees right below the knee cap. Roll to the left side while pushing the right knee away from your head. Roll to the right side while pushing the left knee “downward” away from your head. Got back and forth. Slowly lift the head to follow the shoulder that pulls it. Keep doing it until the possibility of coming to sitting emerges.
  • Lying-to-sitting without using your hands: Place your hands in the same position but without touching the knees. Repeat the movement.


Focus of Moshe’s Teaching

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