• Lie on your stomach and improve your ability to lift your head.

Lesson Outline

1. Lying on your stomach, hands by the head, and lift your head:

  • Look left (right ear toward the floor). Move your head toward your left shoulder and back. (don’t rotate the head). Then change the intention to move your nose. Then forehead, then chin, then mouth, and then back of your head.
  • Look right and repeat.

2. Lying on your stomach, hands by the head, nose, forehead, and chin toward the floor:

  • Reference move: Lift head and look up at wall in front of you. Notice how high up on the wall you see.
  • Head on the ground, move eyes up and downwards to your feet. Do it with right eye, then left eye, then both.
  • Repeat reference move.

3. Lying on your stomach, left ear on the floor, and knees bent

  • Move your head as if you were going to touch your left shoulder with your chin and then your right shoulder. Then change the intention to move the nose, then to move the forehead, then to move the back of your head.
  • Move your head to the right as if to put it on top of the right hand (without moving your right hand). Try again, but this time raise your left elbow (leave the left hand on the floor).
  • Reference move
  • Put right ear on the floor and see if you can improve the movement to the left.

4. Lying on your stomach, stretch both hands over your head on the floor.

  • Bend your right knee. Lift and lower your right knee off the floor. Then tap it. Press your knee into the floor, hard and hold it. Then lift again.
  • Repeat with your left knee.
  • Bend both knees and alternate tapping.

5. Reference move.
6. Lie on your back and flex (head toward knees).
7. Reference move.

Focus of Moshe’s Teaching

  • What is the head kinesthetically? In the first part of the ATM when you are moving your head to the left, which part of you are you moving (your chin, nose, …)?
  • What is the relationship between your ability to lift your head, your eyes, and your feet (bending your knees).

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