This rolling to sit lesson starts out in sitting, with lifting legs, and rolling straight backwards and returning. Then you develop rolling to the sides over the ankles. The emphasis is on the timing and path of the folding of the legs to bring you back up without a big swing.

Lesson Outline

  • Sit, feet together, holding ankles: lift L foot to side. Shift weight; tilt L ear to L shoulder. R ear to R shoulder (leg higher?). Stop & sense sits-bones.
  • Other side.
  • Both legs. (Bring legs nearer. Pelvis, back soften backwards.)
  • Both, each alone, both—rolling onto your back. Return by folding legs smartly and lifting head, hip joints free. (Not a big swing.)
  • Hold arches, ape style (from instep?). Lift L leg. R leg. Both, open, balance—until roll back. Return immediately, pelvis doesn’t come off floor!
  • Sit, soles together. Tilt until R knee touches, place R elbow on floor in front.
  • Other side. Start to lift R leg as you tilt L; return R foot smartly to sole of L foot as you come back up.
  • Sit, lift both legs—easier to balance, legs wider, straighter? Roll back and close to roll up.
  • Sit, holding feet as before, take R elbow to floor in front of R knee, come to lie on back, and return.
  • Other side.
  • From back, take feet and open leg/roll to side. Sit up. One side long, one folds smartly.
  • Sitting, hold feet from inside. Lift R foot, bring back. L foot, bring back. Both. Roll back. and return, closing legs smartly.
  • Face up, hold inside L foot with R hand, R foot on floor, lift and lower L leg. R hand behind head; lift leg and elbow/(shoulder?) into space.
  • Other side.
  • Then sit, hold feet, lift (balance?) and roll back and return. Bend and stretch without falling.
  • Walk—feeling?

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