Each of these lessons, taught by Feldenkrais Trainer Jeff Haller, supports us finding a way to improve how you utilize our skeleton to “cancel gravity” thus giving us a sense of lightness, ease of support, ability to move with freedom into other orientations, with a sense of autonomy and personal ease. More information and additional ATM lessons can be found at InsideMoves.org.

  1. Proportional Lifting: A lesson that invites the possibility of experiencing lifting your limbs and head in such a manner as to sense them moving without any perceived sense of weight.
  2. Even Distribution of Tone and Lengthening: This lesson invites you to find how to move through your skeleton so you can learn to move from the ground up, utilizing ground forces, through your skeleton so you can find your own internal sense of length and lift.
  3. Global Breathing: A lesson to help you find the inner elastic potential within your thorax to support breathing in a way that supports you and sustains you in times of joy and difficulty.
  4. Morning Prayer: A lesson that invokes a sense of peace and tranquility by finding a sense of the whole of ourselves by folding in micro to macro ways of folding and unfolding, flexing and extending, bringing balance between our flexors and extensors.
  5. Not on Your Back, Not on Your Side: A lesson that invites you to study how you roll from your stomach to your back and from your back to your stomach while coordinating the movements of your arms and shoulders.
  6. Not Right, Not Left—A Plane Divides Your Self: A lesson that helps you find your central axis from which to move with co-ordination and ease both right and left, while exploring a sense of the infinite in the space and time between movements.
  7. Rolling to Your Back While Flexing: A lesson that studies the process of flexion while you roll from your side to your back. This lesson helps you discover vague areas of your torso and bring them into consciousness.
  8. Rolling from Side to Back While Extending: A lesson that studies the process of extension while you roll from your side to your back. This lesson helps you discover vague areas of your torso and bring them into consciousness.
  9. Heel Clock Rollup: A lesson that supports you discovering how to lengthen your hamstring muscles while engaged in the function of learning how to roll from sitting to lying.
  10. Eyes Scanning the Horizon: A lesson for helping organize the movements of your head and eyes to promote the lift and carriage of your head in the field of gravity and to support orientation in space.



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