Ten ATM Lessons Taught by Jeff Haller

Each of these lessons, taught by Feldenkrais Trainer Jeff Haller, supports us finding a way to improve how you utilize our skeleton to “cancel gravity” thus giving us a sense of lightness, ease of support, ability to move with freedom into other orientations, with a sense of autonomy and personal ease. More information and additional […]

Haller – Breathing into all 6 dimensions

  Source Victoria II Training with Jeff Haller Segment 7, Day 1 Synopsis Lesson Outline Note: This detailed write-up of Jeff Haller’s lesson is included here with the explicit permission of Jeff Haller. While standing notice your sensory bubble: How much space do you take in the room? Do you hear better to the right […]

Haller – Breathing, expanding your internal balloon

  Source Victoria II Training Segment 7, Morning of Day 4 with Jeff Haller Synopsis Find internal strength through your breath. Breathe, exapnding your internal balloon. Lesson Outline Lying on your back (with your knees bent if its more comfortable that way): Exhale. Wait for the inhale. Notice your breath. Notice how your stomach expands. […]

Interlacing the Toes

  Source Victoria II Training Segment 7 with Jeff Haller Synopsis Creating connections between your fingers and toes. Holding your toes and creating rotation in your leg. Interlacing your toes. Lesson Outline Lying on your back with feet standing. Lift your pelvis. Sitting: Right foot standing on the floor and right hand standing near the […]

Learning Self-Organization Again and Again and Again

  This 5 day workshop was taught in New York City in June of 2014 by Jeff Haller. Complete video recording of the workshop can be purchased at Insidemoves.org. Day 1 Talk: Introduction Partner Dyad: “What do you hope to get out of the workshop?” ATM: Lengthening Hamstrings Leaning on a Chair Discussion: How does […]

Lengthening Hamstrings Leaning on a Chair

Source Learning Self Organization Again and Again and Again… Synopsis Stand next to a chair (or table) and place your hands on the chair. Arch and lower your back. Lesson Outline Reference Move: Stand up and move as if to touch your toes. See how far down you can comfortably go. Stand next to a […]

Segment 12 June 2012

Source Victoria II Training with Jeff Haller Day 1 Monday, June 4, 2012 ATM: Supine, Spreading Quality of Lightness. Feet Standing lifting fingers, and head Discussion: Anxiety around segment What FI is and what practicum is about. See the practicumas an opportunity for questions to arise to help a person better sense themselves. move better, […]

Victoria II Training Segment 10

Source victoria-ii-training-with-jeff-haller Educational Director: Jeff Haller Guest Trainer: Jerry Karzen Day 1 Jerry Sunday September 18, 2011 AM Introduction Discussion: Working with person standing on knees and leaning across the table. Pros and Cons of this position: Each position on the table asks that one do different things. They are unusual challenges. What does this […]

Victoria II Training Segment 11

Source victoria-ii-training-with-jeff-haller Guest Trainer: Alan Questel Day 1 Sunday Feb 5, 2012 AM Introduction to Alan Regards the self-image as a reflection of how much one likes or does not like themselves. What could be the downside of asking this question? Immediately brings up negative side Resistance to the question Alan’s plan for the segment […]

Victoria II Training Segment 7

Source Victoria II Training with Jeff Haller September 19 – October 2, 2010 Theme: Begin learning Functional Integration by studying use of self. For example, Moshe said that he could lift someone’s head without changing the tone of his arms. How can we (the class) learn to move ourselves (and our clients) by distributing the […]