This 5 day workshop was taught in New York City in June of 2014 by Jeff Haller. Complete video recording of the workshop can be purchased at
Day 1

  • Talk: Introduction
  • Partner Dyad: “What do you hope to get out of the workshop?”
  • ATM: Lengthening Hamstrings Leaning on a Chair
  • Discussion: How does the ATM work?
  • ATM: Sit to Stand (see What is Good Posture?)
  • Talk: Anatomy of the foot
  • Practice:
    * Sitting on a roller and rolling forward and back.
    * Splits: moving sitz bones back vs moving chest forward.
    * Stability in sitting and the width of your lower ribs
  • ATM: Seesaw Breathing
  • Practice
    * Stability in standing

Day 2

  • Demo and Practice: Lifting a leg
  • Demo and Practice: Translation:
  • Demo and Practice: Rolling on the sit bones
  • Domo and practice: Widening the back as centre of mass moves forward (sit to stand)

Day 3

  • Demo: Lifting Leg
  • Demo: Support hands from Sitz bones
  • Demo: Standing support shoulder from Sitz bones
  • Demo: Lift and Translate Leg
  • ATM: Expanding the abdomen with breath. Similar to Breathing, expanding your internal balloon

Day 4
Day 5

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