• Creating connections between your fingers and toes. Holding your toes and creating rotation in your leg. Interlacing your toes.

Lesson Outline

Lying on your back with feet standing. Lift your pelvis.
Sitting: Right foot standing on the floor and right hand standing near the foot:

  • Press your big toe and your thumb. Press your little toe and your little finger. Explore pressing different combinations of one toe and the corresponding finger.
  • Press your toe and then finger moving sequentially through the toes, i.e. big toe, 2nd toe, middle toe, ring toe, and little toe.
  • Press finger and then corresponding toe moving from one finger to the next sequentially.
  • Press finger and then the opposite toe moving from one finger to the next, i.e. thumb and little toe, index finger and 4th toe. Then doing it but having the toes start.

Side-sitting with right foot behind. Use right hand to manipulate each toe. Pull your toe, explore your joints, rotate your toe, trace the bones, and explore the movement of the head of the metatarsal.
Sitting. Interlace your right hand between your toes. Habitually and non-habitually. Lifting your foot to look at the sole of your foot. Taking your foot behind you into side-sit position. Repeat lying on your back.
Sitting. Interlace your toes together. Habitually and non-habitually. Lift your legs, relating the rotation created through the interlacing of the toes to the spiral movement we have been playing with all week.
Lying on your back with feet standing. Lift your pelvis.

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