Tumbleweeds with legs bent and legs more or less long.

Lesson Outline

  1. Sit, knees open, hold each ankle with the hand (same side). Rock L & R.
  2. Only to R, until R knee touches floor and R elbow in front of knee.
  3. Other side. Alternate.
  4. Rest. (For some reason, has its own number in transcript.)
  5. Go to R, and lift L leg with L hand at the same time, returning feet together as you sit back up. L knee moves away.
  6. Other side. Alternate.
  7. Go to R and lean on R elbow, lift L leg, head goes down low, until you roll onto your side, and return.
  8. Other side.
  9. Now sit and hold ankles with legs almost straight, and go down to R on R elbow, head low, lift L leg. Roll to back and return.
  10. Other side.
  11. Roll to the R and continue to roll to the R. Full circle.
  12. With legs bent, go down to the R; different now? Continue to come up to the L.
  13. Same with legs long.


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